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Human beings, no matter how logical, are emotional beings. We want to feel loved, seen, and appreciated. However, the reality of our busy schedules might prevent us from dedicating that much time to other people.

Because of this, we tend to forget names and anniversaries, and not show up for important events.

For the busy professional, the reason for this might be the overwhelming number of networks to keep in touch with or just a weird relationship with dates.

Irrespective of the reason, we leave unhappy and unappreciated people in our wake. Yet, in our every involvement, we need human relationships. So how do we go from here?

Our best answer might yet be a personal contact management tool. With these tools, we can keep abreast of relevant happenings in the lives of our friends and loved ones. We can also remember to congratulate them on important occasions.

What is Personal Contact Management Software?

Alternatively regarded as Personal CRMs or PRMs, these are relationship management tools that help individuals create and maintain their relationships with families, close friends, and acquaintances.

PRMs have loads of features that help you keep track of interactions, remember important dates, and keep abreast of pieces of information that are important to your network, like the name of their pets.

At the end of the day, personal contact management software helps individuals maintain healthy relationships. The ripple effect of this is not only felt in the personal space but also reflects positively, on professional networking. After all, “our network is our net worth”.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Personal Contact Management Software

These factors should inform the decision of choosing the personal contact management software that will serve your purpose.


Hardly anyone wants a system that is difficult to use. Even if you love a challenge, you will most likely not be pumped about a troublesome software.

It then follows that you should consider whether a personal contact management tool is user-friendly before settling for it.

Mobility/ Accessibility 

It is no secret that in recent times, people use mobile phones to access the internet, rather than desktops. 

Besides, a good personal contact management software is one that can be accessed on the go, from anywhere, and on any device. To ensure this, the software must have a mobile app.


Although software might be able to function independently, it is important that it integrates with other software. 

In the long run, this will not only help to create centralized storage for data, but it will also enhance user experience.


Unlike core CRM systems that are used to benefit the function or profitability of a business, personal contact management systems hardly ever have an economic endgame. 

As a result, it is only expected that economic consideration will be a determining factor in choosing the best platform.


Despite that all personal contact management software serve the same purpose – the preservation of relationships, it won’t be surprising that the needs of one user would differ from another.

It only makes sense then, that the software should be customizable so that it can be designed to meet each user’s needs.

What are the Benefits of Personal Contact Management Software?

The benefits of Personal Contact Management Software among others are:

  • You can store and remember relevant information about your contact, like their wedding anniversary, names of children, spouses’ names, etc.
  • You can create scheduled reminders to reach out to them or follow up on previous conversations.
  • You can keep a synchronized system of all your contacts across all platforms. 

Reviews Of the Best Personal Contact Management Software


Overall Best Personal Contact Management Software

Monica is notable for helping users keep track of their interactions with friends, family, and loved ones. Monica can keep track of a vast list of things like your contact’s name, workplace, birthday, children’s names and birthdays, anniversaries, food preferences, etc.

Whether you are a professional with a busy schedule and pressing deadlines to meet, or a regular Joe with a not-so-great memory span, Monica is the platform for you.

Monica also helps you create and maintain your interactions with your contacts in a centralized place.


In saving people from always having to recollect basic information to retain relationships, Monica has these features:

  • Journal. Independent of the contact module, this feature helps you create a personal entry on how your day went. You can also rate this with the help of a smiley. 

This feature uses both manual and automatic journal entries.

  • Contact Management. This feature gives an overview of your contact’s information like their name, their spouse’s and children’s names, the debts they owe you, how you met them, their workplace, gifts you exchanged with them, etc.

This feature also helps you manage your interactions with them. And if you don’t hear from them often, this feature would nudge you and remind you to call them in the nearest future.

  • Dashboard View. This feature will help you get a summarized view of your events and contacts. For instance, it helps to display the contacts you’ve reached out to recently, a list of the next planned events as it relates to your contacts, or just reminders about them.
  • Automatic Reminders. This feature reads your data from your journal entries and confirms the last time you interacted with your contact.

If the interaction was a long time ago, you’ll be reminded to reach out to them.


  • It is an open-source platform
  • It has a simple design, which makes it easy to navigate
  • Monica has a flexible design which makes it easily customizable. 


  • There is no automatic synchronization of data. As such, users have to manually input data.
  • The design of the software does not appear exciting (it has the old Facebook interface)
  • Monica does not have integrations with third-party software, so there is no room to synchronize or import your data from other platforms


  • Free plan. This plan only comes with 10 contacts, though some features are restricted. Also, users are expected to host the software on their server (themselves)
  • $9 per month or $90 per year. Under this plan, there is no limit to the number of contacts. There are also unlimited reminders.


Best Personal Contact Management Software for AI Automation

Even though other personal contact management systems might have certain automated features, Covve creates a perfect nexus between Artificial Intelligence and contact management system.

Conveniently sitting at the top position of personal CRM in the US app stores, Covve is more than just a platform for compiling lists of names and their corresponding info.

The Covve software goes the extra mile to ensure that you are interested and invested in the lives of your network. For instance, when it has been a while since you last interacted with a person on your contact list, Covve would notify you that you’re losing touch with such a person.

Also, when there are news pieces that might affect your contact either in a personal or professional respect, Covve’s news engine would notify you of this. This is so you can reach out to them and register your support.


  • Automated Reminder System. This feature helps to remind you to keep in touch with your contacts if you have not interacted with them in a while
  • Tags. This feature helps you organize your contact list by grouping your network accordingly. With this, your contact list will be tidy, and it will be easy to search for who you need.
  • Statistics on Level of Networking. Periodically, the software informs you on how well you’ve come with your networking. It gives statistics on the progress of your networking.
  • Business Card Scan. This feature makes it easy for the software to scan your business card and automatically import it to your contact list.


  • Suggested news articles relevant to contacts, thereby helping to preserve relationships
  • It does not require any elaborate setup. You only need to download it
  • It is well suited for persons with a large network of friends and acquaintances, as it does not suffer glitches
  • Covve has Android, iOS, and web versions, which makes for easy accessibility on each of the platforms
  • Automatic contact update
  • It helps you to be intentional about networking by mapping out your contacts that are around your vicinity, especially in a new location.


  • There are no social media integrations
  • The free plan has limited features.


  • Free version
  • Starting price – $12.99 per month


Best Personal Contact Management Software for Voice Transcription 

Understanding the basic and most common feature of humans – the desirability of feeling seen and appreciated, the Clay contact management platform is an innovation. 

It transcends the general feature of the mere keeping of names, numbers, and addresses like most personal contact management platforms. By importing data from third-party platforms, Clay helps you keep abreast of changes in your contacts’ lives, like a change in job or home address.

Clay auto-fills all information about your contacts – their photos, holidays, events, etc.

Clay creates a connecting link between the people you know, so you can be aware of your mutual connections.


  • Integration with Social Media Apps. Clay’s integration with third-party apps makes it easy to automatically build a network of everyone you know, their pictures, bio, work history, education, etc. It gets this information from Twitter, iMessage, LinkedIn, and other social apps. Over time, this information is updated as they change.
  • Smart Search Feature. This is a smart search engine that allows users to find their contact, even if they don’t remember their names. You can use key features like their place of work, the location of your last hang out with them, the personal notes you keep on them, etc.
  • Automatic Profile Update. This necessarily eliminates the trouble of having to manually input any new information about your contact. Instead your contact profiles are automatically updated when new info is provided on third-party software
  • Voice Transcription for Note-taking. With this feature, the Clay software really said “Nah, don’t worry about it. I’ve got this covered”.

Whether you’re driving or you just can’t pick up your phone, you can still send a short note to your friend by merely speaking to Clay.

You speak, Clay transcribes. Best software on the block to do that.


  • Clay has a mobile app that is supported on both iOS and macOS
  • Users are assured of the automatic synchronization of data.


  • User’s experience may be marred by occasional bugs
  • The way it is designed to send notifications can be overwhelming.


  • Free trial
  • There is no available pricing information on the website.


Best Personal Contact Management Software for Networking

Understanding the importance of both personal and professional relationship management, UpHabit strikes a balance. 

This contact management platform helps to preserve your network in your professional space by keeping you abreast of personal events. 

The end goal of this is that the relationships you preserve will influence you to generate more sales.

Without a doubt, UpHabit is the one platform that impacts your personal, professional, and marketing relationships positively. 


  • Introduction. This feature provides you with custom templates that help in making introductions to your network without the rigor of creating one for each contact. The templates are customizable, to fit your individual need. You can also schedule follow-ups.
  • Gather Contacts. With this, you can create a centralized system for your contacts compiled from all your contacts apps. Whether from Microsoft, Google Contacts, your local contacts, or your email contacts, this feature automatically adds them up and keep them in one system.
  • Tags. The tag feature helps you organize your contact by highlighting prominent features of your relationship or basic information about your contact. Quite synonymous with a Twitter hashtag, examples of tags are Professional”. “Mentee”. “Baseball buddies” etc.
  • Timeline. This helps you manage your relationship with your contact. By creating a timeline of your every interaction with them, you are in sync.


  • UpHabit is a great data-importing tool
  • It supports integration with common contacts third-party software like Microsoft, Google, and your regular contacts book
  • There are available templates for online introduction
  • UpHabit is available on both web and mobile versions
  • Automated contact synchronization.


  • Its pricing options are more expensive compared to its competition.


  • Personal – $0 per year. This plan allows you to manage 10 relationships, add unlimited contacts and sync your contact details daily. There are also unlimited integrations, a maximum of 5 introductions.
  • Professional – $49.99 per year. Under this plan, users get to manage unlimited relationships, create unlimited contacts and sync these contact details every few hours. This plan also comes with priority support, up to 5 introductions, and a lot of integrations
  • Super Connector – $69.99 per year. This plan includes the benefits of the Professional plan though the introductions and integrations are unlimited.
  • Enterprise – Custom. To subscribe to this plan, users are advised to contact the company.


Best Personal Contact Management Software for Contact Mapping 

A versatile personal contact management platform, Dex helps to build stronger relationships and easy communication. Available on both desktop and mobile apps, this platform promotes easy accessibility.

Perhaps one of its selling-point features is its ability to gather data across boards. This makes it easy to create and nurture relationships.


  • Map View. Whether you are on a family vacation or you take a trip to the next city, you can see the contacts that are around you. When you change location, this feature helps to automatically place your contacts on the map, based on their location or address.
  • Mobile Keep-in-Touch. Designed with a regular messaging platform interface, this feature allows users to view their contacts according to the frequency of interaction. With this feature, you can also schedule an interaction period with your contacts – could be biweekly, weekly, monthly, etc.

After the scheduled period, Dex will send a reminder when the period of the interaction is around the corner.

  • Mobile Attachments. When entering a personal journal or creating your contacts’ profile, you can add images, videos, and other media.
  • Groups and Subgroups. Dex management software promotes orderliness even while managing your contacts. With this feature, you get to organize your network according to categories or groups, whichever is convenient. You can decide to group them according to a common workplace, home address, relationship, etc.
  • Integration with Thrid-party Software. This feature takes away the avoidable stress that would come with having to maintain different social platforms with the same set of people. Instead, this feature ensures that your other social interaction platforms are integrated with and stored on Dex. This way, you can view your other interactions through Dex, like Gmail, Linkedin, and Instagram.


  • Dex has a mobile app that is supported on iOS and Android. this  makes for easy access
  • The platform automatically creates a centralized system of your network across all platforms, and details of your last interaction
  • The data importation feature enhances user experience.


  • It is not integrated with SMS.


  • Free plan
  • $13.50 per month or $110 per year


Which Software is Best for Customer Management?

The best software for customer management in 2022 includes:
1. HubSpot CRM. It helps to simplify the process of communicating with clients, by creating a database for them. With this, businesses can also store data on a potential client, and also project the amount of potential revenue they would bring.
2. Bitrix24. A free customer management software, Bitrix24 is used in communicating with customers. Communication may be by chat, over the telephone, or via contact forums.
3. Insightly. This customer management tool is used to create relationships with customers. And from the digital footprint left by customers, a business can deliver customer needs.
4. Zoho CRM. This software helps businesses to track the digital footprints of customers and potential customers on their sites. This is to better understand the customer’s interaction with the company, which plays a major in decision-making.

Can you Use HubSpot as Personal CRM?

HubSpot cannot be used as Personal CRM, since it was not so designed. Of course, as a core CRM tool, it can perform some PRM functions like contact management, and reminders. HubSpot will, however, fall short of the major functions of personal relationship management software like Dex.

Why Do You Need Personal CRM?

Personal CRM is needed to help you maintain your relationships with friends, family, and colleagues by keeping a tab on your interactions and reminding you of events, anniversaries, and information important to them.

What are the Three Types of CRM?

The three types of CRM systems are:
1. Collaborative
2. Analytical
3. Operational

Is Shopify a CRM Tool?

Shopify is not a CRM tool. However, it integrates with CRM tools like Metrilo, Agile CRM, Microsoft, HubSpot, etc. with these tools, Shopify can leverage CRM functions.

Bottom line 

Choosing the best personal contact management software that would not only meet your purpose but is a product of several determining factors.

This decision need not be a difficult one, as far as you know the factors that hit close to home.

For instance, if you want to have a bit of both world of personal and professional contact management, then UpHabit is your tool. However, if AI is more of your thing, then Covve will do you good.


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