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SEO Software

What is SEO Software?

SEO software is a web-based tool that helps its users identify, evaluate, and analyze keywords and build tactics that can help them improve their organic rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). SEO software can even do much more, for example, content optimization, backlink evaluation, and link building.

It is an invaluable asset for online marketers that want to make the best use of Google search algorithm. After all, you need to ensure that your content is not only targeted at a specific audience but also gets to them.

With SEO software solutions, you can be free from boring keyword research and content strategy and hop into faster and more reliable search results. The keyword research tools also offer an endless stream of actionable insights like ROI prioritization, real time keyword ranking, and density.

Types of SEO Software

Fully known as search engine optimization, SEO software can be divided into four types and each of these categories are significant to your marketing strategy. Keenly follow these types and discover how best to optimize your website.

On-page SEO

Here is one of the most popular ways to improve your online visibility. It involves website optimization using elements like a perfect URL and the insertion of keywords to your meta descriptions.

As Neil Patel rightly said, on-page SEO software intends to “teach, motivate, and direct your users properly as they walk through your website”. The key elements of on-page SEO are the title tag, meta description, images, internal linking, content, and URL formation.

Off-page SEO

You can liken off-page SEO to a digital version of oral communication referrals. As the name suggests, off-page SEO doesn’t occur on the page (website). Rather, it takes place externally and signals to the search engine that your site is reliable and relevant.

Off-page SEO can boost your brand awareness, traffic generated, and rankings on the SERPs. The marketing strategies used under this category are backlinks, brand signals, and reviews.

Technical SEO

This is the basic platform for SEO and the very essence of your optimization efforts. To Backlinko, technical SEO deals with indexing, website structure, indexing, and crawling. Although the main areas of technical SEO are done when designing your site, you have to keep track of your website’s performance rate and regularly pay attention to the errors.

Local SEO

As opposed to standard SEO which works on a national or wider level, local SEO is built to concentrate on local search results. This is what makes it possible for your business to be visible when a user searches for local organizations. For example, “Chinese restaurants around me”.

The local SEO strategies are:

  • Adding your name, address, and contact details on every site page.
  • Confirming the accuracy of the above-mentioned details in your social profiles, business records, and regional directories.
  • Establishing and supporting your Google Business Profile (GBP).

Benefits of SEO Software

Regardless of your company size, here are some perks of incorporating SEO into your marketing style:

Attracts Organic Search Traffic to Your Site

SEO software can ensure that Google and other search engines recognize that your site has the most appropriate answers to questions posed by users. Meanwhile, you should note that about 63,000 Google searches occur every second, that’s for you to know why and how much you need SEO software.

A Cost-effective Style of Generating Leads

Instead of sending ads and cold emails, SEO software can help you establish and maintain a steady online presence. If strategically used, SEO will bring you to folks that are in dire need of your products and services and have searched for some keywords relevant to your post.

Improves Brand Awareness

If you want to stand tall among your peers in the industry, you need SEO software to stay relevant. With 1.8 billion sites as of 2021, you need to put your brand at the forefront of the public domain and that’s achievable when your brand is on the first SERP.

Positions You Ahead of Competition

Healthy competition is what makes every industry fun-filled and more adventurous. With some SEO software like SEMrush and Moz, you can check out the keywords that make your competitors rank higher than you, their linking tactic, diction, and lots more.

Once you pay attention to these hacks, SEO software will help you create an idea to outsmart your contenders.

Establishes and Sustains Trust

Google and other search engines aren’t about certain words to rank your website only. They also look out for how consistently you engage your targeted audience. Now, SEO software can help you put in excellent content for your site visitors such that your website becomes a reliable place to get the latest information.

Key Feature of SEO Software

Feature Description
Keyword Research Here is the main feature of the software. Entering a keyword will show you its average CPC, search volume, and competition, among others. It can also use a graph to display the monthly reaction of the keyword phrase: thereby telling you how much traffic it can generate.
SEO Content Authoring It also possesses a plug-in that can insert keywords at strategic places in your content. It can also give keyword suggestions while you write to ensure that your page is keyword optimized.
Competition Analysis SEO software evaluates the inbound links of your contenders.
Change Monitoring SEO software can also monitor and report any alteration of SEO metrics like page views, international website ranking, traffic, external links, keyword rankings, and others.
Website Auditing SEO solution analyzes your site for page rankings, inbound links, and other SEO opportunities. It may also be built with a link management attribute that centralizes your link partners in a library for better tracking.
Reporting SEO solutions give reports of your used SEO tactics such as CPC, and the status of your search ranking on each set of keywords. These summaries are often given in graphics or graphs to help its users assimilate faster.


Costs of SEO Software

Generally, the costs of SEO solutions depend on their features. Although some of these software providers offer free plans (although with limited features), others have payment plans while some aim at companies that demand enterprise-wide features.

  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console offer their users free plans.
  • SEMRush: The pricing plan here shows standard practices in SaaS where annual billings come with a discount. Going for $69.95 per month gives you $839 per annum and that’s more expensive than the annual price for its basic plan which is $699.50.
  • Ahrefs: You can get many tools on this platform for free but they are with limited features. The paid packages start from $99 per month.
  • Moz: The Moz Pro plan starts at $99 per month while the free plan allows you to enjoy up to 10 searches/per month.
  • Surfer SEO: The paid plan starts from $49 per month.

Popular SEO Software Providers

Google Analytics (GC) and Google Search Console (GSC)

Although it takes some time to fully understand how these two SEO tools work, they are the most-needed tools. They are specially designed with data directly from the source that can help you monitor the ranking and conversions. The good news here is that Google Analytics is ideal for both beginners and professionals.


SEMRush is a pricey SEO software option but that doesn’t rob it of its top spot as a reliable tool to level up your marketing strategies. It works perfectly for off-page SEO such as backlink analysis and almost any technical issues l you can think of.

It can easily help you compile related keywords, check rankings, determine keyword density, detect broken links, and give summaries on SEO metrics. Even if you want to identify broken links, SEMrush is the SEO tools you need.


Ahrefs is another all-in-one SEO platform that offers in-depth SEO activities. It has a Keyword Generator and Backlink Checker that can make keyword suggestions easier for you to find. Even for other search engines apart from Google, Ahrefs is the go-to option. There is also the Website Checker feature to identify complex SEO problems like missing meta descriptions.

It can also improve the loading speed of your page. However, you should bear in mind that Ahrefs is best used for the advanced level.


Here is another platform for SEO and is highly recommended for prioritization of keywords, Moz is ideal for a beginner as it offers a more simplified version of SEO. It shares many features with Ahrefs and SEMRush plus more innovative tools. It has a feature for “Priority Score’ where data can be more comprehensive if you are not an expert in technical SEO.

Surfer SEO

With the aid of artificial intelligence, Surfer SEO can optimize your content and pitch you miles ahead of your competitors. This SEO software has features for optimization as you write, proper auditing of your website, and creating content outlines using AI.

Meanwhile, it has the Keyword Surfer Google Chrome extension which comes with no pay. You can use this version to understand keyword ideas and SEO metrics.

Important SEO Software Integrations

SEO software integration deals with forging a more seamless and effective SEO experience by pairing with other tools such as:

Integration with Content Management System (CMS)

SEO software can be integrated into CMS tools to build a more comprehensive way of monitoring content quality. Even content marketing, content scheduling, and automated publication can be introduced.

Integration with Website Designing Software

Pairing SEO software with website builders such as Elementor, Squarespace, and Wix can help build a more user-friendly and personalized website that can host the SEO content 

Integration with Blog Software Solutions

Pairing SEO solutions with blog software such as Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr can help online marketers experience improved SEO marketing efforts. Together, they can pick and target keywords that will bring traffic to your content online.

Potential Issues of SEO Software

It’s no longer news that SEO software makes marketing faster and easier. However, it also has some potential problems you should pay attention to:

Grey Hat SEO

The capacity of SEO software to generate thousands of keywords, monitor rankings, and evaluate links on websites seem to have given users too much info on how they can override the system.

Here, the problem is not about black hat techniques where you spam or stuff your content with keywords. Rather, it is a gray hat where all the rules of the game can be observed but a user with SEO knowledge can bend the rules to favor his website.


Although there are trustworthy SEO tools, we should also note that there are some free software that draw users to release their data or gain backdoor access to the most sensitive data of your company using SEO auditing as a disguise.

Excessive Focus on SEO

SEO software solutions seem to have restricted the attention of companies to SEO metrics. Thus, other essential elements like why visitors check out and return to your website have been abandoned or treated with levity.

As long as the site ranks on the chosen keywords, writing high-quality, plagiarism-free, and interactive pieces have been overshadowed by SEO marketing tactics. Thus, the content of your site may be built on mere keywords when it ought to align with what your brand or company truly represents.

Relevant Trends in SEO Software

Loading Speed and Website Performance

Following the Page Experience Update of 2021, Google is fast placing much priority on the loading speed and performance of sites for its ranking. Laying much emphasis on the loading time of web pages in its ranking algorithm is also gaining momentum.

Lesser Crawling Frequency

With the recent target of climate goals set by Google that covers the use of carbon-free energy in 2023, the search engine has been working tirelessly on cutting down the rate at which it crawls web pages.

This is in solidarity with its sustainability initiatives as crawling reduction would also help in preserving computing assets.

SEO Competitor Analysis

Drawing ideas from competitors has become a viral trend and an effective way to build an SEO marketing strategy. Projections have also shown that the competitor analysis will become more popular before the end of 2023, thanks to these amazing SEO tools springing up.

Software and Services Related to SEO Software

Blog Software

This is a web-based tool that allows its users to create, manage, and publish blog post content. The software can also be used for corporate blogging, personal blogging, and news websites. Examples are Medium, Ghost, WordPress, and Blogger.

Small Business E-commerce Software

This is a web-based software that helps small and medium-sized businesses sell their products and services online. Businesses can also use this software to consolidate all their operations ranging from sales via the backend (your site) and inventory management.

Social Selling Software

This software focuses on the operations of using social media sites (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.) to establish long-term relationships with prospective clients and make them valuable customers.

Landing Page Software

Landing page software helps its users create high-quality and industrious landing pages without specialized knowledge or expertise. With this user-friendly tool, even beginners can create, optimize, and circulate landing pages without the assistance of an engineer.

Frequently Asked Questions on SEO Software

  • How Long Does it Take to See Results From SEO?
    Let’s say 4 to 6 months. Although there is no generally acceptable timeframe before you start seeing success or otherwise of your SEO software, most SEO experts have agreed that 4 to 6 months is ideal enough.
  • Where Do SEO Tools Get Their Data?
    Every time you use technical SEO tools to run the search volume of a keyword, it is gotten from the data made available by the Keyword Planner (Google Ads).
  • What Can Go Wrong in SEO?
    With SEO, tons of things can go wrong. However, the most popular ones are duplicate content and content with little or no quality. There are also some problems that can make you lose rankings or traffic.
  • How is SEO Tracked?
    Search engine optimization has a three-stage process of tracking which are analysis of SEO metrics, giving performance reports of your marketing efforts, and repositioning your marketing strategy in line with what the data tells you.